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Come Lord Jesus


Come, Lord Jesus! Bible Study

Come, Lord Jesus!  (CLJ) inspires and assists Catholics to live out the Gospel message to the fullest. Through weekly prayer meetings, prayer, and scriptural study, members are formed into ardent apostolic witnesses and dedicated parish ministers. The program is based on the three year cycle of Sunday readings; the group reflects upon one reading each week.  Parishioners have the opportunity to become a member of an already existing Come, Lord Jesus! group, or become a leader and start a group of their own. A list of current groups is listed here. To join an existing group, or lead a CLJ group please contact Jeannie Landry at 385-6639 or Gail Dupuis at 385-2905, so that we can address your wish to be a part of Come, Lord Jesus!.

Consider joining a Come Lord Jesus! group

It’s much more than a bible study.

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locations near you to inquire about joining.


Leader &*Co-Leader

**Contact Person

Phone number Meeting Location Day Time
Jo Ann Blanchard Sheran Blanchard 384-2291; 518-7158; 384-3404 1702 McDermott Dr.Morgan City Thursday 9:00 AM
Barton Blanco*Judy Blanco**Joe Vidos 384-7642; 518-4112 **985-4659 1017 Chestnut Dr.Morgan City Monday  6:00 PM
Gail Dupuis*Jeannie Landry 385-2905; 518-2148; 385-6639; 518-0079 1312 Walnut Dr.Morgan City Tuesday 9:00 AM
Marguerite Landry*Elsie Medine**Marvin Compton 384-6480; 384-2488

**385-3905; 518-0070

613 Grove St.Morgan City Friday 9:30 AM
JoAnn Wynn*Pat Cavett 312-5319; 384-1650; 312-4579 516 Roderick St.Masion Jardin Wednesday 2:00 PM 
Katherine Distefano*Carolyn Fondren  384-4751; 518-2122; 384-5762; 518-6501  907 Second St.Morgan City Wednesday 9:30 AM
Diane Sewart*Alice Guzzetta**Abby Grizzaffi 385-1925; 518-9393**384-4885 1801 Sixth St.Morgan City Tuesday 6:30 PM
Liz Colgin*Sandra Barrilleaux 384-6103; 380-2762; 519-2006 1138 Federal Ave.Morgan City Thursday 6:30 PM
Patty Hotard*Cathy Dupre 255-9176; 395-5466; 519-1973 238 Jupiter St.Bayou Vista Tuesday 6:00 PM
L.P. Lipari * Debbie Lipari 395-6583; 518-4069 913 Lia St. Patterson Tuesday 6:30 PM
Marguerite Sumrall*Charlene McCann*Shelly Adams 395-5308; 518-0143; 385-6863; 397-2346; 385-6863 159 Mill Rd.Patterson Wednesday 1:00 PM
Celeste Pennison*Jeff Pennison*Trevor Benoit 631-9325; 518-7055 498-0602 126 Francis St. Amelia Thursday 6:30 PM
Peggy Gowland*Mary Catherine Gray*Sandra Watson 384-1238; 397-2415; 395-1967; 385-0688 3225 Lake Palourde Dr.Morgan City Tuesday 9:30 AM



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24-Hour Adoration is held every Thursday in the Baptistry after the 6:30 a.m. mass. We invite you and your family to attend.